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Bill Amos


An explorer of the Eastern Seaboard from the Everglades to Maine, my passion and drive come from being continuously fascinated with the details of life and sharing those moments or helping someone share their moments.


I learned photography with film when I was a kid, buta few years ago my friend gave me a hand me down Pentax Digital DSLR commenting that I needed to stop using a point and shoot to tell my stories. With yoga intersecting at the same time I learned to not be afraid of all the buttons on my new camera and start taking risks. Now my photos are born out of a desire to share a view of the natural world through the use of light, minimal editing, and nature's own composition.


From the intricate patterns that surround us to the thought of these beautiful moments missed, with a camera I capture these ever changing clips of time to share with you. Through meditation I have learned that slowing down and being present will get me that much closer to these moments.

If you would like to talk about my photography, from my art to maybe something you need, I would love to hear from you. 


Take care,


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